SANDWICHES – all served in white or wholemeal bap with salad… lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweetcorn, peppers and red onion

Local Bacon £2.80 Masham Sausages £3.00

Yorkshire Roast Silverside Beef £3.60 (Eat in £4.30)

Cheddar Cheese OR Free Range Egg Mayo £3.00 (Eat in £3.70)

Roast Chicken OR Tuna Mayo £3.30 (Eat in £4.00)

Coronation Chicken OR Chicken Tikka OR Deli Meats (Salami or Chorizo) OR Prawn Mayo OR Yorkshire Roast Ham £3.40 (Eat in £4.10)


Try something different….

Beef & Blue Cheese £4.00 (Eat in £4.70)

Cream Cheese & Walnut £3.30 (Eat in £4.00)

Hummus & Roast Veg OR Brie & Grape OR Bacon, Brie & Redcurrant Jelly OR Cottage Cheese & Avocado OR Wensleydale & Chutney £3.50 (Eat in £4.20)

Salami & Smoked Cheese £3.60 (Eat in £4.30)

 Ask for Mayo, Mustard, Salad Cream or Chutney

 Soup & a Roll £2.00 (Eat in £3.50 – bigger portion!)

Voakes Pork Pies £1.30, Sausage Rolls £1.20 & Pasties £1.30

 Jacket Potatoes served with Salad

Beans & Cheese Or Cottage Cheese OR Tuna OR Coronation Chicken OR Chicken Tikka All £3.80 (Eat in £4.50)

Homemade Chilli £4.50 (Eat in £5.10)

Extra fillings 1 = £1.00, 2 = £1.50

 Salad Boxes

Salad Base….Dressing…

Choose 2 of our Deli Salads…

Greek Quinoa, Roast Veg Cous Cous, Pasta, Potato, 4 Bean or Coleslaw

Add a Topper….

Tuna, Ham, Chicken Tikka, Coronation Chicken, £4.10 (Eat in £4.70)

Prawn Mayo, Beef, Quiche, £4.50 (Eat in £5.10)


Homemade Cakes £2.00 a slice (Eat in £2.40)

Loaf Slices, Brownies & Malteser Tiffin £1.50 Flapjack £1.00

Available to eat in…

Toasted Tea Cakes £1.80

Scones with Butter, Jam & Clotted Cream £2.50

Treat yourself to Afternoon Cream Tea…Scone, Butter, Jam, Clotted Cream and a cup of Yorkshire Tea or Coffee £4.00


 Coffee – Decaf available

Americano £2.10, Latte £2.50

Flat White & Cappuccino £2.40

Yorkshire Tea £1.70, Speciality Teas £2.00

Hot Chocolate £2.80 with Marshmallows & Cream £3.10

 A selection of Soft Drinks available


All of our Salad Boxes and Cups are fully Compostable

We can deliver your breakfast or lunch if you ring before 10.30am with your order, subject to a £15 minimum order outside the city centre